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  1. Hello Mr. Moses. Randy Wallace is one of our Area Sales Managers who has recommended you as a motivational guest speaker for our Leadership Retreat at the Hyatt Lost Pines on Thursday, January 29 or Friday, January 30. Taylor Morrison is a new home builder in the Houston Metropolitan area, and we have 7 Operation’s team members attending a two day retreat with focus on leadership and motivation. Please let me know if you would be interested in speaking to our group. I can be reached at the email above or 281-598-9093. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Interested in seeing what you need to speak at a business men’s luncheon for a charter school. The event would be in June. Wanted to see your availability and fee for speaking.

  3. Interested in seeing what you need to speak at a assembly for a Jr. High/High school and athletes. The event would be in may. Wanted to see your availability and fee for speaking.

  4. Good Morning/Afternoon Mr. Moses,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you last night at the Battle Red Ladies event at Palais Royal.

    I guess you can call me the “runner up” to the BIG prize-the $500 shopping spree. I would have loved the shopping spree, but God knows what he is doing and everything happens for a reason. Maybe just the opportunity to meet you- was the reason. Well…….I am a volunteer for a animal rescue organization called…”Corridor Rescue”. Please take a look at our website… The volunteers do such an amazing job. With the donations that we receive, we feed the homeless animals that we find wondering the streets of what is now called the “corridor of cruelty”. This is the area at 59 and Little York. This area is a well known location for discarded unwanted animals, both dead and alive. We have teams that go out to these streets every day to feed these poor animals that are not able to feed themselves at no fault of their own, until we can find them homes. We do not have a shelter, so when we find these poor souls that are on the edge of death, we take them in, get them the medical attention they need & try to find them a foster home or even better…their forever homes or pay for boarding fees with a veterinarian.

    The over population of unwanted animals are growing at an alarming pace and we as a group are trying to constantly finds different avenues that we can reach out to and plea for help. I have previously reached out to the Player Appearance email and I was not disappointed, I was given an item to raffle at one of our events to help us raise funds to continue our mission. I didn’t get a response this year, but I know that hundreds of emails are sent.

    Thank You,
    Debbie Gonzales

  5. Mr. Moses,

    I am a fellow Iowa State graduate who owns and operates a construction management business in Houston. A mutual friend asked me to contact you regarding assisting my firm in motivating and recruiting young black men into the construction industry. We are scheduling a few workshops in 2021 and would be honored to have you as a motivational speaker for our recruiting events as well as participating in our programming. I would like to know your level of interest and your speaking fees,

  6. Congratulations on all of your success J.J.!

    Way to make the Trojan Nation proud! I graduated from East in 1981 and am now a pastor of a small church in Pueblo Colorado. It is a town much like Waterloo but with better views and not as much humidity in the summer. LOL.

    I am also on the board of the county’s FCA and we at our small church are using sports to reach kids for Jesus. It is a great blessing! We are in the process of starting something called “Gear Up!” where we take donations of used sports equipment…all that stuff parents accumulate over the years and then when a family who can’t afford to get their kids into sports need gear we will get them the gear for free.

    We are so excited! We are planning a new metal building on our property to store all of the gear that we know will be coming our way!

    If you are ever in the neighborhood you are always welcome in our home and at our table.

    May God continue to bless you and many more through you!!!

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