Motivational Monday – Firefighters vs. Firelighters

Firefighters      VS.     Firelighters

I’m sure you can easily recognize these two types of people you come across in life. Let’s say you are really excited about a dream or goal you want to accomplish or you get some really good news – depending on who you share that information with, you come across two reactions.

Firefighters are individuals that tell you all the reasons why the dream or goal won’t be accomplished. Oh, and that good news you thought was so great. Yeah – they totally kill your vibe. They tend to be critical and negative towards people and situations. They have ways of discouraging you and making you feel it’s impossible.

Firelighters on the other hand, are just the opposite. These individuals encourage you towards your dreams and tell you it CAN be done. They speak positive words to you and see the potential inside of you. They see your strengths and have a way to light you up on the inside. They are the ones that celebrate your good news.

Just a reminder, surround yourself with firelighters and be one in return.

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