Motivational Monday – Follow Peace


On December 24, 2002 (the day before Christmas), I was released by the Green Bay Packers. I had to go back to my hometown in Iowa and continue to work towards my goal of making it into the NFL. At the time, I had only played in two NFL games and did not believe that was supposed to be the end. I was in survival mode. My parents thought that it would be a good idea for me to go to Canada and play football in the spring so that I could at least keep doing what I loved and have income coming in. Their advice was logical and well-intentioned. But in my heart, I did not have peace about going to Canada.

For two months straight, I worked out every day as if I was going to get a call from the NFL. My finances were getting lower and lower and my family kept insisting that I go. I knew that if I did go to Canada, I was not going to have peace in my heart and I knew that God had better plans in store for me. One day my agent called me out of blue and said that the Houston Texans were interested in me and wanted to sign me to the team. He asked me if I was ready. Was I READY?

As a result of following peace in my heart and being prepared for my opportunity, I became the starting punt and kick returner for two consecutive years with the Texans. Follow PEACE and be patient even when circumstances don’t make sense. The destination will always be worth the wait.

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